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Abortion: A Right to Whose Body?

by Bryant Evans on August 30, 2020

The pro-life, pro-abortion debate is again center stage because of politics. It should have never left the front page. Americans abort almost a million children every year. That’s a tragedy beyond imagination. Yet it is accepted as a part of our society. In time, we pray that historians will list abortion among the great civil […]

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Abortion: 862,320

by Bryant Evans on August 29, 2020

Let this sink in… 862,320 dead. 862,320 people dead in one year. That’s five times as many deaths as we have had in the U.S. from COVID19. 61,628,584 dead. Let that sink in…61,628,584 people since 1973. That’s three times as many as died in World War 2. It’s twice as many as the population of […]

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Pro-Life Against abortion


by Bryant Evans on April 9, 2019

Recent legislative actions leave Christians aghast at the possibility that a child, delivered alive, could be killed without legal punishment. At the same time, some state legislatures are resisting federal courts and asserting their right to govern their states without interference from those courts. They are crafting very restrictive laws which would limit or abolish […]

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Abortion’s Hard Lies

by Bryant Evans on May 30, 2018

Abortion is not a pleasant topic for anyone, especially for the women who think it solves their problems. Of course, it doesn’t and it often adds to their anxiety and grief. No one should suggest that abortion is an easy decision. I’m sure it is not. Nevertheless, abortion is a wrong decision that penalizes the […]

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Two Abortion Questions

by Bryant Evans on December 21, 2017

The abortion debate polarizes culture. It is a sharp litmus test for many. Abortion is the banner issue of women’s right’s groups and feminist causes. The debate is loud but generally a useless exchange. There are a few very basic questions that should govern our discussion. When Does Life Begin? Is there an objective, testable […]

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