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Beyond Myself

by Bryant Evans on September 20, 2019

Would you agree that most people today think first of themselves and then of other people? Would you also agree that for most people the world revolves around them? Galileo had nothing on today’s people. Most folks think they are the center of the universe. Consider the last 10 posts you read on Facebook. How […]


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Fighting Hypocrisy

by Bryant Evans on September 19, 2019

The solution to financial troubles is very simple. You must increase the money coming in, or you must decrease your expenses. It’s a simple equation but terribly hard to implement. Hypocrisy is similar. Either stop the sin or stop pretending. Again, it is easy to say, but very hard to accomplish. Stop Pretending   If […]


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The Birthday of Jesus

by Bryant Evans on August 23, 2019

{This article was prepared as part of a series of sermons from the book of Luke.} The date of Jesus’ birth has long occupied the minds of Christians. We know almost nothing about the actual date of his birth, yet, the grandest holiday of the year suggests that we know more than we really do. […]


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The Gospel of the Old Testament

by Bryant Evans on August 22, 2019

{This article is in association with a sermon series on the Gospel of Luke} We usually think of the gospel as the first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Actually, the gospel throughout the Bible, including the Old Testament. Remember, “gospel,” simply means good news. The good news of a […]


Pro-Life Against abortion


by Bryant Evans on April 9, 2019

Recent legislative actions leave Christians aghast at the possibility that a child, delivered alive, could be killed without legal punishment. At the same time, some state legislatures are resisting federal courts and asserting their right to govern their states without interference from those courts. They are crafting very restrictive laws which would limit or abolish […]

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