Wednesday Blog Roundup for December 16, 2009

We begin today with a post from Neil Richey which he calls “When a Preacher Stays Home on Sunday.Please visit his site and check out the article. Neil also has an article which I endorse and was about to write myself. It concerns the celebration of Christmas as a holy day. If you have seen my Facebook page you know I enjoy Christmas but not as a special holy day celebrated by the church. Neil explains that reasoning in this article about A Christian Who Doesn’t Celebrate Christmas.”

Adam Faughn thinks about the coming Christmas Sunday and the opportunities that will present themselves. I think he has a point. We need to always look for open doors and this Sunday will surely be one of them. Also, Adam has moved his blog so be sure and update your links and readers when you visit.

There have been some ongoing discussions and debates with atheists recently. Kyle Butt of Apologetics Press discusses a key point in his recent debate: “Is God Immoral for Killing Innocent Children?”

Wayne Jackson has a discussion of something called the Jesus Seminar. This group may be unfamiliar to you but it is a hard left liberal group which seeks to destroy the truth of Scripture. I think you should read this article as a means of knowing what we are up against.

Two posts from Joey Sparks this week and both concern sexual sin. In a permissive world we all need to stop and consider the implications and consequences of our actions. His first article is “Don’t Stop, Look & Listen.” The followup article is “Boats on Land? Cars on Water?” Thanks Joey.

Finally a post about food, Chinese Food at that! Scott McCown makes good use of fortune cookies in this quick article he calls Fortune Cookies and Friendship.”

Well that wraps it up for this week. Have a great rest of the week and a super weekend!

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  • In reading the blogs about Christmas I haven’t seen Luke 22:19 mentioned. Jesus wanted to be remembered. He was specific in the manner in which we should remember Him. Luke 22:19 eliminates any other method.

  • That’s a really good point Wes. Thanks. The early church remembered his death, burial and resurrection and looked forward to his return. But there is no evidence they celebrated his birth. Their actions were consistent with Luke 22:19 and the promise of John 14:1-5.

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