Obama and Abortion

President Obama gained a reputation as a supporter of abortion, even of the horrible partial-birth abortion. A year ago he called for supporters and opponents to find common ground on the subject of abortion. That was a speech  that never really made sense to me. I don’t think we have common ground with those who support abortion. In my judgment it is a gross sin and objectively wrong. It is a horrible human / civil rights assult against the weakest among us. Supporters believe it is a “right.” Not sure there is any common ground there.

But last week President Obama did do something in the area of unexpected pregnancies which seems to have merit. In a news release from the Department of Health and Human Services, Obama announced that “the new federal Pregnancy Assistance Fund will award grants to states aimed at providing pregnant women and teen parents support for completing high school or college degrees and for getting health care, child care and housing.

One of the arguments advanced for abortion and one reason given by those who have chosen abortion centers around the financial inability to care for the child. There is a significant decrease in education and career choices faced by young women, single women often, with children. Maybe this will direct some assistance their way. The full story is at CNN.com.

But let me be clear, Mr. Obama: You and I do not hold common ground on abortion.

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