Rapture Failure

Hello? Is anyone here? Well, if you are reading this it must mean that you either missed the “rapture” or Harold Camping was dead wrong again with his date setting hysteria. Camping is the 89 year old radio preacher from California who says the rapture was to come yesterday and the actual end of time in October. Of course we’ve argued before that the concept of the rapture is false and that it presents a dangerous trend toward second chance salvation. But Camping is over the top. His abiblical approach causes all believers to be held in higher scorn by non-believers. He simply ignores Jesus’ own statement that no one knows the day nor the hour of his return (Matthew 24:36).

I am actually out of the country at the moment but I look forward to a description of his error. He’s failed before and I think, although I cannot know, that he will fail again.

Just so you’ll understand. I am writing this post in the Miami Airport as I await a flight. I’ll have the software automatically post it on May 22nd. So that way, you don’t really know if I am here…or there (For those who are too serious, that was a joke).

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  • I shared this with our bible class this morning. Thanks for posting and hope all is well with you and that your trip will be fruitful!

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