On Habits

Everyone has habits. Most habits are good but some are destructive. There are also habits that are very good and should be developed in all people. In any case, habits are a part of our lives and should be used to our greatest advantage.

On Bad Habits

All of us have some bad habits. I know in my case I struggle with what I eat, when I eat and how often I eat. I’m sure not alone but having the company of other overweight, diabetic folks sitting around me in the doctor’s office is not too comforting. I know how much I like fast food and how I crave a regular Mt. Dew drink on a regular basis. Those are bad habits that need fixing.

Other bad habits might include foul language, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and even illicit drug abuse. Many suffer from addictions ranging from alcohol to sex. There are plenty to choose from. Perhaps the greatest spiritual bad habit is apathy. Apathy is a disinterest or lack of concern about a topic. A person might not be interested in worship; they are apathetic. Of course, it is possible to fake an interest in spiritual things to keep someone else happy and to keep them from nagging. Even so, apathy still reigns.

Spiritual bad habits are especially dangerous. While any habit could become spiritual, some things are so dangerous as to send one rapid away from Christ and into the waiting arms of Satan. Bad habits must be broken.

On Good Habits

It sure seems that bad habits are easier to form than good ones! Good spiritual habits do not come naturally and must be developed. Drinking plenty of water, getting regular exercise and eating healthy foods are examples of good habits. But like their bad counterparts, there are some good spiritual habits that should be developed.

Jesus was a man of good habits. In Matthew 4, as Jesus began his public ministry, the Bible says he went to the Synagogue on the Sabbath day, “as was his custom” (Matthew 4:16). Paul was a man of habit also. In Acts 17:2 he is found in the Synagogue reasoning from the Scriptures, “as was his custom.”

Like both Jesus and Paul, we should form customs. Begin now to improve your life through good spiritual habits that pay great dividends now and tomorrow. There are three basic customs that every Christian should develop. Once in place, these customs provide a foundation for additional good habits.

Christians should develop the habits of prayer, Bible reading and worship. Prayer petitions God, reading listens to God and worship honors God. Build these three into every day of your life. For the next 30 days, pray deeply every day, read the Bible every day and worship every day. Make sure to include corporate or group worship with the church upon every Lord’s day and also during the week when possible. 30 days makes a difference. Try it! Involve others in your challenge too. Blessings are certain.

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