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Church Bulletin


by Bryant Evans on January 22, 2016

 Jesus breaks Christians. It is a necessity. Every Christian breaks when Jesus shatters his common way of life so that holiness can rule.  Our lives, which seem good to us, are melted in the light of the true goodness in Christ. What seems clean and pristine is discovered stained and ruined when brought before the […]

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Growing in Christ

by Bryant Evans on June 23, 2013

In one sense, it is impossible for finite man to know everything about the infinite God. It is just not possible for us to comprehend the glory of God. But thankfully, he has revealed to us much of his nature and character. He has also given us of his knowledge concerning mankind, sin and redemption. […]

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Legendary Fathers

by Bryant Evans on June 16, 2013

Great fathers are the stuff of legends. Today, more than ever, great fathers are rare. There are many men who bear the title but fewer and fewer are really worthy of being called a legend. At the same time, it seems that many men want to be good fathers but have never learned how. Perhaps […]

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Knowing the Word of God

by Bryant Evans on February 25, 2013

You have heard of people described as a “jack of all trades but a master of none.” It describes someone who has some knowledge of many things but is not really good at any of them. Sometimes we say a person has just enough knowledge to be dangerous. The problem is that they have never […]

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When Pain Is Good

by Bryant Evans on December 3, 2012

A top college football coach has a motto for his team: “Pain instructs.” One of his top players sports a tattoo that reads, “Pain Lies.” Each is counterintuitive. They seem silly. We think that pain only hurts. That it must be eliminated at all cost. We might even think that pain is the only truth […]

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