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I’ve Got Good News…I’ve Got Bad News

by Bryant Evans on July 25, 2018

You can’t have one without the other. What is a beautiful day unless you have experienced a stormy day? What’s sunshine without rain? What is good news without bad? It takes one to contrast and highlight the other. I’ll start with the bad news. You are broken. You are sinful, and there is nothing you […]

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A Man, A Horse & Me

by Bryant Evans on March 24, 2016

I am in Orlando, Florida for Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes. This morning I went for my walk down International Boulevard. I passed several people (actually, they passed me) also walking. I noticed that most were concentrating on their walk. One or two, three counting me, were obviously struggling. But there was one man, about […]

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by Bryant Evans on June 1, 2015

Satan has a large arsenal of weapons to use against the Christian. Some are more obvious than others yet all are potentially damning. Thankfully, we are “not ignorant of his designs” (2 Corinthians 2:11) and can prepare adequate defenses against his assaults. His schemes are numerous. Each is tailor-made for the individual and for the […]

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When Pain Is Good

by Bryant Evans on December 3, 2012

A top college football coach has a motto for his team: “Pain instructs.” One of his top players sports a tattoo that reads, “Pain Lies.” Each is counterintuitive. They seem silly. We think that pain only hurts. That it must be eliminated at all cost. We might even think that pain is the only truth […]

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Auntie Rosie

by Bryant Evans on August 5, 2009

What follows is an email from brother H.M., a native preacher in Guyana. This is a true story of a fine Christian lady who shows enough dedication to put many younger people to shame. You will be encouraged by reading it. Aunty Rosie, a Christian, has stopped attending when the doors of the Canal 1 Church […]

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