Young Children in Worship Services

crying-babyI love a church full of children. I especially like it when those children are in worship. To me, “Children’s Church” is a mistake. Let the whole body assemble together and let the children learn how to worship by watching adults worship. I know it can be distracting. As a preacher I have more than once felt like I was competing with burlap bag full of angry cats. But I do not, and will not complain. Those children who cry, crunch and croon out of key are exactly where they need to be.

This morning, I came across a post written to parents of young children in worship services. I don’t know much about the author but she is spot on with her thoughts. Her terminology is a little different from ours but don’t be distracted by that. Read it carefully for the important point. You will be blessed, encouraged and strengthened by her thoughts.

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