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come lord jesus part 5

Antichrist Is Not What You Think

by Bryant Evans on March 4, 2021

Part five of the Come Lord Jesus series on the final return of Christ at the end of time. Today we examine antichrist. Social media has much to say about antichrist. He is just around the corner and will soon arise. He brings welcomed order to our troubled world and will be a heroic figure […]


666 and Seeds?

by Bryant Evans on December 6, 2008

One would think that there is nothing suprising still to be found in religion. Quacks have taken almost every possible opportunity to twist the Scriptures to say things never imagined by the Holy Spirit. However, if one thinks this, one would be wrong. The Press-Register newspaper of Mobile, December 6, 2008, carries a story about […]

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Identity of the Antichrist (2)

by Bryant Evans on October 17, 2008

In a [cref identity-of-the-antichrist prior post about the Antichrist] we have discussed the identity of the Antichrist by looking at the Bible passages that specifically mention him. We continue here with a look at two more passages on the subject. Antichrist in 1 John 4:3 “…every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from […]

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Identity of the AntiChrist

by Bryant Evans on October 17, 2008

The identity of the Antichrist is a subject of great and growing interest among both religious and non-religious people. So much has been said about the Antichrist that people are seeking answers to identify this horrendous being and to learn what to expect from his devilish devices. The Bible is the only reliable source for […]

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