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Spoiled Fruit: The Sin of Eve

by Bryant Evans on June 7, 2012

The greatest disappointment in global history came when Adam and Eve sinned in Eden.  From within the borders of God’s perfect garden came an act of treason so horrible that all of mankind suffers from its consequences. God may have known she would sin but God did not cause her sin. “So when the woman […]

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Know or Cause?

by Bryant Evans on June 3, 2012

God has a plan for your life. There are things he desires and hopes for you. A recent bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life, argues that we all have a purpose and ought find that purpose in to be pleasing to our maker. I know of few people who would argue that God has no plan. […]

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Is There Any Room for Obedience?

by Bryant Evans on February 11, 2010

Is there any room for obedience in salvation? I am trying to answer this question but I find many confusing answers in the protestant world. Some don’t seem to think obedience is important. Some argue that we cannot obey God. Phil Johnson, himself a Calvinist, in arguing against an extreme form of Calvinism says this, […]

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