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Resistance is Futile…or Is It?

by Bryant Evans on June 19, 2014

“You will be assimilated…Resistance is futile” – Locutus of The Borg (Star Trek) Assimilation is the process of absorbing one thing into another such that there is nothing left of the original item. Star Trek aficionados understand the term from “The Next Generation” when an alien race tries to eliminate all of humanity by assimilating […]

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The Challenge of Commitment

by Bryant Evans on September 27, 2009

Any accomplishment requires commitment. There is no substitute for dedication and determination in pursuit of a goal. The star athlete spends hours and hours improving his physical body and sharpening his responses. A successful professional engineer has spent years of study and labor building her knowledge and refining her skills in pursuit of a career. […]

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A Stable Faith

by Bryant Evans on July 11, 2008

The need for a firm foundation in any endeavor is unquestioned. Our homes, our office buildings and even our street and highways are formed upon a solid base or foundation. We recognize that a successful future requires a good educational foundation for a career or trade. It is also true that stability from a firm […]

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