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The Greatest Consequence: Death

by Bryant Evans on July 7, 2017

Every one of us is where we are today because of choices made yesterday. We are successful in business because of decisions made previously. We are, likewise impoverished because of choices made in the past. No one stands where he is solely because of another. We have made choices which produce amazing blessings or profound […]

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Lessons from the Oldest Living Person

by Bryant Evans on December 5, 2012

Bessie Cooper died yesterday in Georgia. She was officially the world’s oldest living person. Her son reported that she had her hair done earlier in  the day as if she was preparing to go. She had become something of a celebrity as she was the first Georgian to ever old a world record. I don’t […]

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Is That A Ghoul in my Front Yard?

by Bryant Evans on October 29, 2010

We do not like to think about death – except at Halloween. This once a year fright night brings around all sorts of “undead” to haunt the neighborhood in search of goodies. As expected there is also the usual crowd of scary movies released just in time for the spookie holiday. I thought I would […]

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Lessons from the Passing of Senator Edward Kennedy

by Bryant Evans on August 26, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy died Tuesday night. The patriarch of the Kennedy family was, according to the Washington Post a “the last male survivor of a privileged and charismatic family that in the 1960’s dominated American politics and attracted worldwide attention.” The story reminded readers that his two brothers were political scions in their own right, […]

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