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The Christian and the Papacy

by Bryant Evans on March 17, 2013

Few events generate the coverage we’ve seen over the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Almost every media outlet has been talking about the retirement of the old Pope and the coming installation of a new. Even sports call in shows have featured the Roman drama. When Christians hear Catholics talking about the Pope how should […]

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Christian Unity

by Bryant Evans on December 29, 2012

Christian unity is an oft sought but rarely found product in our diverse world.  Jesus himself desired the unity of his disciples and specifically prayed for it in the High Priestly prayer of John chapter 17. It is essential for all believers to consider Jesus’ thinking and prayers. Jesus Prayed for Christian Unity Jesus prayed […]

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The “Attractional” Church

by Bryant Evans on May 8, 2012

Churches are searching for young adults. Survey’s have repeatedly shown that people in their 20’s are abandoning churches in growing numbers. Some return when they marry, have children and begin to look for additional stability but some never come back. To plug the slow drain some churches have turned to big bands and big social […]

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When is a Church not a Church?

by Bryant Evans on November 15, 2008

A rather interesting question don’t you think? After all, there are literally dozens and dozens of churches in our area and each preaches a fundamentally differing doctrine from the others. Can all of these be called churches? Certainly society considers them churches as does the government. But our interest is in the Bible view. When […]

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Giving an Answer

by Bryant Evans on August 19, 2008

Peter declares that we must be prepared to give a defense of our faith to everyone who asks (1 Peter 3:15). It is in that spirit that we begin a series of posts to defend certain scurrilous accusations made by someone unknown to me but posted on the internet. His web page asserts that  “a […]

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