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The Precious Church

by Bryant Evans on September 21, 2014

There is no group of people more precious than the church. Predicted by prophecy (Isaiah 2:2-4; Matthew 16:18) the church is the collection of the saved who have been gathered together by the decree of God. The church is precious and perfect. Sinners, saved by Christ, fill the church. They bring their weaknesses and imperfections […]

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Christian Unity: Trouble in Corinth

by Bryant Evans on January 2, 2013

Christian unity was slipping away in Corinth. The church there was fractured and was in danger of falling into sectarian division. Paul gently rebuked the brethren and called for their unity. We can learn from their troubles. Ultimately, Christian unity is founded in Jesus Christ. When I enjoy the proper relationship with my Lord, I […]

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Church Division – Part 2

by Bryant Evans on July 3, 2010

Church division is never good although in a few cases it may be necessary. In this article we continue our previous discussion on church division and the reasons it is common. We previously spoke of sin and doctrine as reasons for division within the local body. These are areas in which division may necessary or […]

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Church Division – Part 1

by Bryant Evans on June 27, 2010

Church division is never good. It follows discord, discontent, poor fellowship and sin. While it may be necessary to remove the disorderly  from  fellowship (1 Corinthians 5:1-2; Romans 16:17; Matthew 18:17 ) the roots which caused that removal are sad. Like surgery, division may be necessary but it is never good. Paul addressed church division […]

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