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But I Said I’m Sorry!

by Bryant Evans on August 9, 2011

Bob and Carol had an awful fight. After yelling at each other for almost 2 hours the house settled into a chilling silence. Finally, a full day after the battle Bob came and sat beside his wife. “Carol, look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I did and I was wrong. Please forgive me.” […]

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With His Hat in His Hands

by Bryant Evans on January 21, 2010

Old timers used to say that a humbled man “had his hat in his hands.” It referred to the appearance of someone in humility or someone who had been shown to be wrong and was coming to ask forgiveness. We don’t see many people today with their hats in their hands. Humility may be a […]

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How You Can Beat Internet Pornography

by Bryant Evans on May 28, 2009

You want out of the porn game. Maybe you’ve been caught. Maybe you are suffering under guilt. Maybe you crave the self control you lost. It is clear: you need help and that’s why you are here. You Can Be Forgiven The first problem to overcome is your breakup with God. The Bible is clear […]

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What Will You Do With 2009?

by Bryant Evans on January 1, 2009

This morning 2009 lies before us like an un-plowed field awaiting the farmer’s disc. It is raw and unprepared and waits to produce whatever is planted among its rows. What will we do with 2009? Put differently, what will we be saying about 2009 a year from now? That answer depends upon what we do […]

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When Sin is Very Public

by Bryant Evans on September 2, 2008

Many sins manage to stay covered from the eyes of men. But sometimes sin becomes extremely well known. How shall we respond when a family member or close friend is caught up in sin? Will we separate ourselves from them or will be respond in love, strength and support? Some do not understand that Christians […]

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