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4 Game Changers for Fathers

by Bryant Evans on June 20, 2015

Fathering is hard work. It’s essential work. And it can be the greatest joy in life. Here are some thoughts to empower your work as a father. Lead from the Front In ancient times, a king would ride into battle ahead of his troops. His presence and shared hardships and dangers with his troops earned him […]

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Real Problem #2 – No Leadership

by Bryant Evans on August 6, 2013

Our culture is dying for leadership. The once proud society which engaged in the greatest experiment in human self-governance is soon to draw its last breath. It is suffering from a disease that touches every member of society. It is not quarantined in the White House or in Congress, although they are sicked too. It is […]

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Monday Memo – Shecaniah

by Bryant Evans on June 6, 2011

Shecaniah is not a household name but it was common in ancient Israel. At least a half dozen people are named Shecaniah in the Old Testament. This unknown Bible leader teaches deep and abiding lessons that every Christian can learn from. You want to know this man. Follow Preacher's Study Blog on Twitter @Preachers_Study. On […]

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