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Old School: Lessons from My Daddy

by Bryant Evans on June 17, 2018

Willis Bryant Evans, born November 28, 1921, to Arthur Lee and Roselle Evans. He was the third of three boys. He enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II and saw action in Europe, including at D-Day and at Bastogne, Belgium and the Battle of the Bulge. Upon his return to civilian […]

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I’m Trying Not To Be A Bubba…but…

by Bryant Evans on November 18, 2009

Sometimes you just don’t fit in. That happened this afternoon when I tried to run into the hotel restaurant for a quick lunch. It was a fine restaurant I’m sure. I am equally as sure that it has never served grits with red-eye gravy and I know they don’t serve sweet tea. Of course I […]

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A Personal Note

by Bryant Evans on February 3, 2009

Transparency is the buzzword in Washington these days so let me be transparent too. Something happened this morning that has never happened to me before – never. It was a moment of personal humiliation that has likely scared me for the remainder of my life. You must understand, I have traveled the world and stayed […]

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