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The Thief on the Cross

by Bryant Evans on March 29, 2015

Many have asked how it is possible that the thief on the cross was saved apart from baptism. Some use the thief as proof that baptism is unnecessary in salvation. Their thinking is in error as the thief proves nothing concerning baptism. The story of the thief is found in some form in all four […]

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The Struggle

by Bryant Evans on August 10, 2014

Almost everything in life is a process. Our physical growth is a process occurring over decades. Education is a process spanning years and years. In the same way, spiritual development is a process. It takes time to purge the bad habits and develop new, godly habits. Sometimes we become impatient with ourselves and with others […]

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What Is Sin and Why Should I Care?

by Bryant Evans on March 16, 2014

Preachers are fond of saying that sin is the universal scourge of mankind. We talk a lot about sin and its impact on our world. We remind listeners that sin condemns. But it may be that some people, especially those fresh to thinking about spiritual matters, may not understand the entire idea of sin and […]

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Your Check Bounced!

by Bryant Evans on February 23, 2014

There are not too many people who enjoy paying bills. I spent a few hours this weekend balancing the checkbook and writing more checks to pay my bills. It’s good when you’re done but not really something I look forward to. But I am thankful that we have steady income and have enough money to […]

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Reaching the Unreachable

by Bryant Evans on September 15, 2013

You know someone that needs Jesus. Their life is a mess and chaos reigns every day. You fear their eternity yet they slumber through life with little thought for the Lord and his salvation. Can this person be reached? Are they beyond the love of God? Should we surrender? The Love of God Extends to […]

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