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What Are You Singing?

by Bryant Evans on June 5, 2015

There is nothing sweeter than the pure sounds of Christian voices blending together in worship. God’s wisdom is seen in the inclusion of singing in worship. God created the physics behind sound waves and the lovely harmonies they produce. He created the human ear and its intricacies that absorb those sound waves and transmit them […]

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Words and Music

by Bryant Evans on March 10, 2014

I love music. I especially love the music of the church, those voices blending in harmony bring me to ecstasy. But it’s the words of the songs that are so important. Singing in worship is not an accidentally thought inserted by men. It is appointed by God and has a divine purpose. “Let the word […]

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So What’s An Ebenezer Anyway?

by Bryant Evans on September 6, 2008

Christian hymns draw people closer to the Lord and deepen their relationship with him. They also help Christians encourage other saints. But sometimes we find odd or archaic words in our hymns that could even be distracting to the worshiper. We sing them anyway because they just “sound” right. How about the great song, O, […]

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