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Dear Sir: An Open Letter to Employers

by Bryant Evans on August 14, 2017

You are the backbone of our economy. Your hard work and dedication to your industry have made you successful. You employ millions of Americans, thus, allowing them the assets to pursue their goals and dreams. Your production gives the rest of us the necessities and luxuries of life. Thank you! I hesitate to complain but […]

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Grace and Works Followup

by Bryant Evans on July 14, 2010

Grace and Works is an important topic and one which seems to divide many people who believe in Christ. I tried to clarify some issues in the grace and works post from yesterday (July 13, 2010) but wanted to add a reference for you from an article written almost 2 years ago. It asks the […]

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Do Grace and Works Clash?

by Bryant Evans on July 13, 2010

Grace and works, or more commonly, grace vs. works. Is there a clash between these two biblical notions? The perfectly honest Bible student will acknowledge that both are found in Scripture. But people are all over the map on this one. Some argue that a person can perform works sufficient to gain their salvation. Others […]

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7 Ways to Make Work Tolerable

by Bryant Evans on September 25, 2009

W-O-R-K. It’s a four letter word that some people despise. Some jobs just stink. Some bosses are impossible and some employees are useless. But despite our hate-affair with work we still go day after day. Let’s face, most of us do not have a choice. We need the cash. Wouldn’t it be great if we […]

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