President Barack Obama, less than a week into his presidency, as released your tax dollars to promote abortion. No one can say they are surprised or caught unawares for this is precisely what the candidate promised to do during his campaign. Christians were unhappy to hear his political promises then but should be outraged now that as President, he is using your taxes to support organizations that promote the taking of human life.

In a statement to the media the President noted that the abortion discussion has been a divisive issue that has continued on and on for a very long time. He said he had no desire to “continue this stale and fruitless debate.” In what can only be seen as a bit of beltway irony, the President has directed his staff to “…work to promote safe motherhood, reduce maternal and infant mortality rates and increase educational and economic opportunities for women and girls.” This is a stunning statement considering that he supports abortion even as late as during the birth process (partial-birth abortion). Hence what is not a child literally one second, is  the next. But, according to abortion supporters, that one second makes all  the difference in whether it is a murder or a only a woman’s choice.

Specifically, Obama has allowed taxpayer funding to support international family planning groups that discuss, promote or offer abortion. Under the Reagan and Bush (Bush 1 & 2) administrations such funding was prohibited. Under Clinton and Obama it was/is approved. Both Clinton and Obama are members of the Democratic Party and uphold the current party platform which supports abortion.

Make no mistake. This decision will increase the number of lives taken through abortion and you will pay for them.

Supporters claim this is a woman’s choice. And indeed it is. But let us examine the reasons for such a choice. First, the pregnancy is unwanted. What we are not told is that there is a preceding choice which was poorly made leading to this point. The decision to engage in sexual activity always brings the possibility of pregnancy and parenthood. Those who participate must be prepared to accept the responsibility that comes with sexual activity. Second, a child will interfere with my chosen life. It is unquestioned that the birth of a child changes the lives of the parents. There is no greater responsibility than this. Again, the choice was made when intimacies began. Third, I cannot afford children. Again it is true that children are expensive. Nevertheless, once conceived a child must not be discarded. Multiple options are available. One should consider that all of these reasons for abortion can just as easily be applied to a child that is one day old. If not, why not? Abortion supporters have created an artificial wall of separation between a fetus and a child. In reality there is no difference. The child that grows within the womb of its mother is genetically different from every other human being from the instant of conception. This heritage of the Lord (Psalm 127:3) is its own person from the moment of conception.

The Lord himself warned of his wrath against those who would harm the fatherless child (Exodus 22:22). Surely these helpless ones who will never know their fathers or their mothers will be included.

I am certain that there will be an ultimate judgment against the President and those who support the taking of life. And I am hopeful that in time we will come to see the 40 million aborted babies as a blot on our nation greater even than slavery. This is a human rights fiasco which our nation finds itself at the center.

There is help for those who have participated in abortion. There is forgiveness and salvation for those who will accept the horrible sin, repent fully and seek the saving grace of God. But apart from such repentance there is nothing but a terrible future in the hands of Satan.

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  • The President claims that the question of when life begins is above his pay grade. I guess he’s willing to err and err heavily on the side of death.

    • That’s a good observation. I remember a speech many years ago when President Reagan explained his opposition to abortion. He said that since there is a question as to when life begins, we should err on the side of life. How different!

  • Great Post I love this site… Thanks

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