Teen Pregnancy

There is troubling news today about teen pregnancies and the rate of abortion. A new report suggests a rise in pregnancies and abortions although the long term trend remains downward. I’ll let you read it for yourself at TIME.COM. But we should be reminded that we all need to remain vigilant and maintain open lines of communication with our young boys and girls.

The answer to abortions is not legislation but solid moral training at home. Parents who wait for the schools or the churches to teach their children about sex make a profound error. It is the job of parents to teach children the all important facts of life. Parents must step up and teach their children.

When pregnancies do occur let us use compassion and love to help the young people make wise, Godly decisions. We must give them the tools and options which allow them to carry their children to term and we must encourage them to draw near to God who gives comfort as no other.

What are your thoughts?

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