Resolved: 4 Simple Steps for 2015

2015 Let’s do something a little different today. Let’s make 5 New Year’s resolutions that we can actually keep. I’m the worst at keep resolutions. If I make it to January 2nd it’s a big accomplishment. I want to do something different this year and commit to doing some things that I can really stick with and accomplish.

There are many great posts about the coming year. I think people are ready for a fresh start and are glad to put 2014 in the history books. For me, I want to just cut out the last 6 months and pretend they didn’t happen. The first 6 were really great but the last half really stunk things up.

Some of the posts really focus on Bible reading. I’m all for that. I’ll be reading my Bible more this year. But the idea of covering X-number of chapters per day doesn’t appeal to me. Some chapters I can read through speedily while others seem much weightier and cry out for deeper study.

Some are focusing on church attendance. That’s a good goal too and certainly Christians need to work harder on attendance, but that’s a little hollow too. Simply showing up at the appointed hour doesn’t mean much. There is a better way to approach things. [bctt tweet=”2015 will only be as good as you make it.”]

In 2015 resolve to put your heart fully into your Christian walk. Here are 4 suggestions for your consideration.

Walk Closer to Jesus

It may be that you need to read your Bible more, It may be that you need to pray more. It may be that you need to be more involved. It may be that you need all of the above. But draw near to Jesus and those things easily follow. Zero in on your relationship with him and make him the focus of your life.

[bctt tweet=”There is no better resolution than to walk with Jesus daily.”]

Walk Closer to Your Family

I’ve never met a person who was satisfied with their relationship with their family. When the world closes in the family suffers. When our business needs us we usually must take time from our family to satisfy our boss. This year, devote more time to family and less to work. You will one day retire from your wo

Walk With Your Heart

Have you ever wanted to do something but did not because it wasn’t wise or prudent? This year, follow your heart. I have a secret admiration for people who hitchhike from one place to another. They are unbound and free to go where their heart takes them. They give up a lot, more than I am willing to surrender, but they follow their hearts. This year, spend more time letting your heart dictate your days.

Walk Unplugged

One writer says becoming “unplugged” is the number 5 most popular tweet this year. People have grown tired of smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. They remember a simpler time when people talked¬†to¬†each other with voices. Here’s a thought: Spend more time looking at the faces of your loved ones that at the screen of your phone.

I’m looking forward to a better year in 2015 and I believe these simple steps will help.

Happy New Year!

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