5 Ways God Trusts Us

5 Ways God Trusts Us

We trust God. We may call it faith, assurance, or certainty, but all Christians trust God. Do not forget that the opposite is true too. Check out 5 Ways God Trusts Us.

God Has Given Us A Soul

God created every living creature, but only with mankind did he breathe into him the “breath of life” (Genesis 2:7). Man is different from animals in many ways, but only man possesses a soul. Only man is in the “image of God” (Genesis 1:26, 27). Now that soul is eternal. While the body dies, the soul lives on. God has entrusted you to care for your immortal soul so that it will return to Him for eternity. A good steward will protect and sustain his soul so that it lives eternally with its Creator.

God Trusts Us with the Gospel

One of the 5 ways God trusts us is by giving us each the power of the Gospel. In his immeasurable wisdom, God has entrusted the Gospel to mankind. This is a sobering thought when one thinks of the billions who grope for truth. Paul said people hold the gospel; fragile jars of clay hold the truth (2 Corinthians 4:7). There is no other way by which God saves sinners. God crafted a plan from Eden; Jesus died to complete that plan. Now the plan is yours. God trusts you to share the gospel. The good steward will share the gospel with every soul willing to listen.

God Trusts Us with Talents and Abilities

We are all different. Each is unique. Those differences are far more than skin deep. We each possess a unique set of talents and abilities not learned but naturally occurring. Some people have natural abilities in art, others in music. Some show special talent in speaking while others have great abilities to work with their hands. Each of us has some talent that makes us special. Jesus speaks of men with talents; some used wisely, others squandered. That story, in Matthew 25, speaks of money (a talent was a form of currency), but the implication is clear: we must use what we have wisely for there will be an accounting. God trusts you with a unique skill set to be used to his work. The good steward puts his talents to work for God.

God Gives Us Health

We cannot control many health conditions. Science has discovered myriad conditions that occur through genetic transmission. Nevertheless, all of us are responsible for our own bodies. A healthy body is better able to serve the Lord than a sickly one. The Bible teaches that our body is the “temple of the Holy Spirit” (1 Corinthians 19). Let the Christian adopt sound health practices that will allow his body to serve the Kingdom. God trusts you with a body fit for service. Put your healthy body to work for God.

God Trusts Us with Possessions

Every item you possess comes from God in some way. You may have worked hard, but it was God who gave you the strength, the talents and the opportunities to gain wealth. How do you use that blessing? As people hunger for truth and their daily bread, we spend more and more on entertainment and physical possessions. Each must examine his spending and his ability to help others. When we give to the church, we pool our resources with others so that the Lord can accomplish great things. God has entrusted you with every “good and perfect gift” (James 1:17). The good steward will use his wealth for the kingdom of Christ.

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