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Hate vs. Love

by Bryant Evans on May 19, 2013

Westboro Baptist Church brought their hate to Tuscaloosa Saturday. That church is known for picketing funerals of American servicemen claiming they did as a judgment from God because the US supports homosexuality. We have no intention of saying anything else about them but they do provide a useful backdrop for some thoughts on approaching sin. […]

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Let Me Come Out

by Bryant Evans on April 30, 2013

Let me come out. I’m straight. Let me say one more thing. I know, have known and have dearly loved friends who were gay or lesbian. I would never trash them or abuse them. But in the same breath I have to say that the LGBT lifestyle is sinful. ESPN analyst Chris Broussard said it […]

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Should We Change?

by Bryant Evans on November 11, 2012

People vote for a candidate for one or many possible reasons. One very large set of issues are those that deal with social issues or moral issues. Things like abortion, gambling, gay marriage and work ethic issues define many American voters. For many years, politicos have been telling us that these issues are unimportant to […]

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Obama, Thomas and Ignorance

by Bryant Evans on May 18, 2012

I try to avoid overt politics here. This site is first about Jesus Christ and his gospel of salvation. We do talk about political issues sometimes as they touch on things of faith but we do shy away from talking about candidates. But today is different. Kind of. Cal Thomas is a political pundit who […]

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by Bryant Evans on November 27, 2011

Tolerance is an important buzz-word in American culture. We are taught, encouraged and cajoled into being tolerant of every odd idea that appears. There is no greater complement among some than to be thought a tolerant person. Tolerance has become the holy grail of our godless society. The idea of “live and let live” has […]

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