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Praising Teens

by Bryant Evans on June 18, 2011

Teens are often criticized. Their lifestyle, way of thinking, priorities and such are often assailed. While their behavior may be different than an adult’s it is not necessarily wrong. Minority teens and teens from inner city neighborhoods are especially subject to criticism. But here’s a story about two teen girls from inner city Jersey City, […]

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The Value of Christian Camping

by Bryant Evans on July 24, 2010

Why would 60 grown men and women take a full week of their vacation to travel to Indian Creek Youth Camp in the hills and hollows of West Alabama with 190 children? Why would these normally intelligent people leave the comforts of their own beds to sleep on thin mattresses inside a small cabin that […]

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Indian Creek Youth Camp

by Bryant Evans on July 23, 2010

Indian Creek Youth Camp, Clark Sims week, is now over. What a great week in Walker County Alabama near Jasper, Alabama and just north of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 253 people were at the camp for the session that ran Sunday through Friday. 11 were baptized and 31 rededicated themselves to their Lord. Clark Sims, preacher for […]

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Indian Creek Youth Camp – ICYC – 2010

by Bryant Evans on July 17, 2010

Indian Creek Youth Camp begins for us today. Although Sunday is the official start date for Clark Sim’s week, we will leave today to get setup. We are expecting upwards of 250 people this week which will likely make it the largest week we have had. I know it will be a great week. Campers […]

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Tattoos and the Bible

by Bryant Evans on November 25, 2009

I don’t like tattoos. I have never seen one that really appealed to me. I’m just not about to spend a small fortune marking up my body with permanent inks. (Actually, with the size of my body it would be a large fortune.) But that is just my opinion and like everyone else I’m entitled […]

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