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Yes. Christians have good days and bad days. You are not saved one minute and lost the next, but your commitment varies. You may be strong on Sunday and struggling by Wednesday. Even the most devout Christian you know is up one day and down the next. Think of a roller coaster. You ascend to […]

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5 Excuses for Surrender

by Bryant Evans on March 1, 2020

Except for surrendering to Jesus. It is bad to give up. We don’t quit in the middle of things. Whether it’s on a battlefield, in the workplace, or in a relationship, it is embarrassing to surrender. Yet, we see it every day; people giving up on their faith and buying into Satan’s lies. Why? I […]

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My Fault? Can’t Be!

by Bryant Evans on March 12, 2014

The human condition is frail, weak, wicked, broken. There is no denying that mankind suffers from almost every malady that can be imagined. We’re a sad lot. At some level I suppose there is comfort in knowing that we aren’t that much different from everyone else. In other words, I guess there is comfort in […]

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5 People Targeted by Satan

by Bryant Evans on September 5, 2011

Everyone is a target of Satan. But among all the billions of people he pursued, only 5 were targeted specifically and personally by the old devil himself. I thought a quick review would be interesting. Adam & Eve Were Targeted By Satan It’s not surprising that Satan would  appear after creation. At the end of […]

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