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How Satan Works – Part 2

by Bryant Evans on November 1, 2016

Satan is always busy, never sleeping, and always looking to ensnare men and women in his traps. Satan has been a liar and deceiver from the beginning and is purely evil. Thankfully, his works are restricted today because of Jesus. Nevertheless. Satan works to deprive men and women of eternal salvation through powerful influence exerted […]

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How Satan Works – Part 1

by Bryant Evans on October 24, 2016

Satan is real and has plagued mankind since the creation. The careful Christian will try and understand how Satan works of the devil is very powerful. However, he is not omnipotent that is; Satan does not have unlimited power but, he is very dangerous. Peter describes him as a roaring lion who walks around seeking […]

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Origin of Satan: From Where Did Satan Come?

by Bryant Evans on September 9, 2016

Known by many names, Satan is a central player in the Bible. He stands at a pivotal spot in salvation history. It is a truism that if there were no Satan, there would be no cross. There would be no need for Jesus to give his precious blood. All of God’s creation would be beautifully […]

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The Devil Is In Charge!

by Bryant Evans on April 13, 2014

A provocative title wouldn’t you say? But it is very true. Christians often respond with shock and surprise at the wickedness that runs rampant in our world. We shouldn’t be. It is expected that any environment under the influence of evil will, itself, be evil. Our world, our society, our culture, and sometimes even our […]

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Devilish Piety

by Bryant Evans on February 3, 2013

Some people just look righteous don’t you think? They seem to have an angelic glow about them and always seem to have just left the throne on high. They appear to be people of near constant peace and joy. But we know that looks are not everything. We know the old cliché that “you can’t […]

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