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How Satan Works – Part 2

by Bryant Evans on November 1, 2016

Satan is always busy, never sleeping, and always looking to ensnare men and women in his traps. Satan has been a liar and deceiver from the beginning and is purely evil. Thankfully, his works are restricted today because of Jesus. Nevertheless. Satan works to deprive men and women of eternal salvation through powerful influence exerted […]

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Farewell 2012

by Bryant Evans on December 31, 2012

We close the books on 2012 today. It’s over and I’m hoping for a better 2013. It has been a difficult year in so many ways. Hardly a month has passed without some horrifying event taking place which rattles us and makes stop to ask “why?” Let’s think about the big events of 2012 and […]

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3 Thoughts on Newtown

by Bryant Evans on December 16, 2012

Evil is real. We need to understand that the devil is as real as Jesus although, thankfully, he is not as powerful as our Lord. Many are asking questions today about the Connecticut shooting. People want to why such a thing could happen in a peaceful town. Some are questioning God and asking why a […]

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Evil Empire

by Bryant Evans on March 8, 2009

It was on this day in 1983 that President Ronald Reagan proclaimed that the Soviet Union was an “evil empire.” The statement sent shock waves throughout the diplomatic world and many declared that the popular President had set U.S. – Soviet relationships back thirty years. Reagan’s comment was nonetheless true. The Soviets did not believe […]

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Oil and Water

by Bryant Evans on January 5, 2009

Anyone who has made a salad knows that oil and water do not mix well. Many salad dressings are made of a mixture of oil, water vinegar and spices. While quite good, they must be vigorously shaken at serving because the two products will not bind together for long. Solomon notes that the righteous and […]

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