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When God is Silent

by Bryant Evans on October 12, 2017

“Is there any word from the Lord?” – Jeremiah 37:17 The young man’s face betrayed the tension that lay beneath his words. “I believe in God, and I pray every day. But for some reason, God isn’t answering my prayers.” His words became softer as he continued, “I guess I’m doing something wrong.” His plight […]

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Origin of Satan: From Where Did Satan Come?

by Bryant Evans on September 9, 2016

Known by many names, Satan is a central player in the Bible. He stands at a pivotal spot in salvation history. It is a truism that if there were no Satan, there would be no cross. There would be no need for Jesus to give his precious blood. All of God’s creation would be beautifully […]

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by Bryant Evans on March 8, 2014

Jesus loves. Jesus teaches love. Jesus is love. No one else teaches love like Jesus. We follow him and so we learn to love like him. It is often a challenge. Let’s begin with a clear definition of love. Love is a decision to provide the very best for another even at a sacrificial cost. […]

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3 Rules for Holy Spirit Studies

by Bryant Evans on January 19, 2014

Many people study the Holy Spirit. This divine member of the Godhead is often seen as a mysterious and unknowable Bible character. Sometimes, what people think they know about the Spirit is actually a blending of a little Bible and a whole lot of misinformation from wealth-seeking television preachers and book-selling authors who know that […]

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by Bryant Evans on December 8, 2013

An infant child inherently trusts his mother and father. He is unable to do a thing for himself for he really has little choice but to trust his parents. He seems to know that if mommy and daddy are near, all will be just fine. Sometimes that trust is misplaced. Some parents are not trustworthy. […]

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