This page contains a listing of various posts we have written on the subject of abortion. As a disclaimer, I am adopted. Had pro-abortion laws been available in 1961 I might not have been here to post these articles. Please comment here or on the individual pages.

Praying for Abortion – Planned Parenthood and Prayer

Obama and Abortion – A move toward helping women could cause a slight decrease in abortions.

Teen Pregnancy – Troubling news about teen pregnancy and the lack of home morality training.

What Pro-Lifer’s Really Want – Hollywood and the news media on abortion.

Forced to Assist in Abortion – Toleration is defined by the abortionist agenda.

What If Abortion Was Legal When You Were Born? – Pretty self explanatory with a call to action.

Abortion and Pro-Life – After the murder of an abortion doctor pro-life people were roundly assaulted unfairly.

Abortionist Murder is Unacceptable – The murder of an abortion doctor is not acceptable to people of faith nor to the wider pro-life community.

Abortion – One of our earliest posts on the subject from 2009.

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