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Real Problem #2 – No Leadership

by Bryant Evans on August 6, 2013

Our culture is dying for leadership. The once proud society which engaged in the greatest experiment in human self-governance is soon to draw its last breath. It is suffering from a disease that touches every member of society. It is not quarantined in the White House or in Congress, although they are sicked too. It is […]

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The Real Problem

by Bryant Evans on August 5, 2013

Challenges abound and problems are everywhere. But what is the root of our problems? What can we do to to address that problem? I sure don’t have all the answers but I think I have a place to start the discussion. It seems to me that our culture has no standard of what is good […]

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Farewell 2012

by Bryant Evans on December 31, 2012

We close the books on 2012 today. It’s over and I’m hoping for a better 2013. It has been a difficult year in so many ways. Hardly a month has passed without some horrifying event taking place which rattles us and makes stop to ask “why?” Let’s think about the big events of 2012 and […]

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Should We Apologize for Jesus?

by Bryant Evans on January 21, 2011

There is nothing like a good cathartic rant to take us into the weekend but I just need to say a few things. I am a Christian. I stand with Jesus. I will reject everything else for him. I will not be tolerant of anything or anyone if it means discounting or disrespecting my Lord […]

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