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Who is Simon Magus?

by Bryant Evans on December 11, 2013

Simon Magus was a magician working among the people of Samaria. We meet Simon in Acts 8 as one of the converts to Jesus through the preaching of Stephan. We usually speak of Simon the sorcerer or Simon the magician. “Magus” means magician and is commonly added to his name to differentiate him from others […]

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True Miracles

by Bryant Evans on November 2, 2013

To hear some people tell it, miracles are everywhere today. Any strange event, any unexpected healing and even an odd shaped cloud or spectacular sunset is called a miracle. I beg to differ. God works in our lives in amazing ways. But let us understand that any modern day miracle must be judged against the […]

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The Christian and the Papacy

by Bryant Evans on March 17, 2013

Few events generate the coverage we’ve seen over the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Almost every media outlet has been talking about the retirement of the old Pope and the coming installation of a new. Even sports call in shows have featured the Roman drama. When Christians hear Catholics talking about the Pope how should […]

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Devilish Piety

by Bryant Evans on February 3, 2013

Some people just look righteous don’t you think? They seem to have an angelic glow about them and always seem to have just left the throne on high. They appear to be people of near constant peace and joy. But we know that looks are not everything. We know the old cliché that “you can’t […]

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Christian Unity: Trouble in Corinth

by Bryant Evans on January 2, 2013

Christian unity was slipping away in Corinth. The church there was fractured and was in danger of falling into sectarian division. Paul gently rebuked the brethren and called for their unity. We can learn from their troubles. Ultimately, Christian unity is founded in Jesus Christ. When I enjoy the proper relationship with my Lord, I […]

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